Join a community of illustrators!

We aim to create our community by working with multiple drawers , benefit from their variety of approaches and styles, to reinforce the community engagement that we want to spread.



We invite you as an illustrator to join the #InfluenceYourFuture community and come express yourself on our platform.

Our character, Marianne tells her learnings in the form of playful cartoon episodes. During her quest, she meets many other inspiring characters who will share their experiences with her.

We hope you agree to draw one of these episodes where another character who belongs to your universe tells his experience.

You will never have to draw Marianne, our main character. If you decide to include her, we will draw it for you.

They may be real or unreal people who talks about their ways to act, their own triggers, but also activists, thinkers, known intellectuals who talks about their philosophy.

You can choose :

・To write your own scenario (2 to 8 images)

To draw a scenario provided and written 100% by our team

To provide us with dexisting drawings you have that out team could translate and reuse



We are 8 team members, all women, based in different countries all around the world who decided to engage themselves as unpaid volunteers, according to their availability.

We are hoping you would agree to join the project as a volunteer, depending on your availability, as no funding is planned for this project.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to contribute, without putting anyone under pressure. Deadlines, if any, are therefore decided together, flexible and always renegotiable according to the constraints of each.



To facilitate the harmonization of images (resolution, layout, etc.) our team offers to do all the «computer processing» part of your drawings.


For consistency and harmony, we would like you to respect these three rules:

・That the texts are in the font of the project: Andada (unless the handwriting is entirely part of the drawing and can not be changed without prejudice to the style of the artist),

・Drawings that can be superimposed on a background of color (4 colors to choose),

・Send us your drawings in png format, high quality, without color background (210x210mm, 200 Pixels/pouce).


The episode consists of three parts:

    1. A title image with a color background and the presentation of your character,

    2. The content of the episode: 100% your universe. Marianne never appears in these images: if your character speaks to her, she must be out of the frame.

3. An ending picture with Marianne, this image is made by our teams.


We would highly appreciate if you could go over the graphic charter and the palette, hoping that they will inspire you.


We also offer to help you in the translation part in English if needed.

Colored background of your choice

Exemple of title image and presentation of the character:
1. “Funnel” episode
2. “Carbon Footprint” episode


We invite you as an illustrator to join the #InfluenceYourFuture community and come express yourself on our platform.

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